Dear diary, 

I used to believe that my fast feet were a blessing. It was something I could be proud of; I was the fastest one out there, even faster than people like Germany! But now I realize that it is one of the worst parts about me. All it proves is how useless I am because all I ever do is run away. I wish I could be stronger in some other way. I want to be as useful to my friends, instead of just something to protect.


Submitted Anonymously.

Uhhh Free! Eternal Summer screencap redraw crossover because I’m Free! trash rn and wanted to do something about it? This is from episode 5, I think.

Also I decided to make Greece Makoto bc yea he doesnt look as much like him as Spain does but Spain doesn’t really interact with Japan ya feel. yeah


 Fem Germany is really into boxing and no one can convince me otherwise.

Dear diary,

I know that my loneliness is self-imposed; I would be a fool to not understand it. But… that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish with all of my heart that I could reconnect with my brothers. They are all I have — all I have ever had… Then I remember that I chose to cut ties myself, and that I don’t deserve for them to care. Even if it would be nice.


Submitted by: erin-kirkland-the-emerald-isle

also holy shit you guys thank you for 15,000+ followers??? Like holy shit??? thank you all so much!!

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I have never played Hatoful Boyfriend but I know that that bird is doing his mating pose so I think I can infer some things about that guy's personality

i didnt even know that and now im lauighg holy sh