Dear diary,

Alice showed me her favorite sci-fi series, Doctor Who. I would deny it if anyone asked, but I really love that show now. Especially that hottie David Tennant! Alfred would never stop teasing me if he knew though.


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idk if anyone has done this before. It’s just too funny to pass up XDD

Dear diary,

Today, America introduced me to something called Homestuck… I am STILL confused. It seems interesting, though. I may do more reading on my own.


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Of course.

(( Apparently, the countries Swiss people like to joke about the most/have the most jokes about are Austria and Belgium. They portray both Austrians and Belgians as dumb, foolish people. Of course, these are jokes that are not really meant to be racist, but more of a friendly rivalry. ))

Dear diary,

Why does everyone assume all I care about is Russia? I am not just a “obsessed sister”! I am my own person! 


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Anonymous whispered:
Hi Michi! I love your blog a lot! Your posts are awesome, and I love your title thingy... I hope you have and awesome rest of the night. Bye~

wait which title thing like my title or the fact that if you hover over my icon a dennys from a yaoi shows up because 

aphjapan whispered:
South Korea's independence day is August 15th. Can you fix that?

Shit, yeah!! Thanks for pointing it out.