So Germany took a selfie of Italy, Romano, Spain, and Japan and Austria in the background saw he got in the shot so he covered up his face with a paper, what a dork. 

I literally do not understand can hate Austria because he’s too strict or boring have you seen Austria he is literally a meme.

Hey bro, I've seen you have the transparent little image in your corner before and I was just wondering how you got it there?? I've been trying to find out but I don't even know. Help??

i had a transparent image because the theme i had allowed transparent corner images. I can give you links to some theme makers that make themes with transparent sidebars if you like. one i use a lot is a—themes! i also have used bakao and redfox ! i know there’s a code you can put in your theme’s html that will allow you to put transparent images on the corner, but I don’t know what it is! I hope this helps a little though.


But can you imagine Latvia getting fuckin turnt

Dear diary,

Why does everyone like my fratello better than me? Even our own grandfather liked him more… Am I not good enough? I wish I could understand why this is happening…


Submitted Anonymously.


I saw that tag a while ago under these rubber wine glasses, so I thought I’d be happy to oblige.  Unfortunately I don’t remember whose tags those are so if they are indeed yours, I hope that this is okay. He’s not dropping the glass, but I decided to bend the rules a bit.

Basically Arthur gets down during the whole month of July and decides to take out his frustration on Francis’ wine glasses since it makes a satisfying crack against the wall.  He needs to find a new way to deal with his angst.  I recommend water colors.