So Germany took a selfie of Italy, Romano, Spain, and Japan and Austria in the background saw he got in the shot so he covered up his face with a paper, what a dork. 

I literally do not understand can hate Austria because he’s too strict or boring have you seen Austria he is literally a meme.

Hey bro, I've seen you have the transparent little image in your corner before and I was just wondering how you got it there?? I've been trying to find out but I don't even know. Help??

i had a transparent image because the theme i had allowed transparent corner images. I can give you links to some theme makers that make themes with transparent sidebars if you like. one i use a lot is a—themes! i also have used bakao and redfox ! i know there’s a code you can put in your theme’s html that will allow you to put transparent images on the corner, but I don’t know what it is! I hope this helps a little though.


But can you imagine Latvia getting fuckin turnt

Dear diary,

Why does everyone like my fratello better than me? Even our own grandfather liked him more… Am I not good enough? I wish I could understand why this is happening…


Submitted Anonymously.


I saw that tag a while ago under these rubber wine glasses, so I thought I’d be happy to oblige.  Unfortunately I don’t remember whose tags those are so if they are indeed yours, I hope that this is okay. He’s not dropping the glass, but I decided to bend the rules a bit.

Basically Arthur gets down during the whole month of July and decides to take out his frustration on Francis’ wine glasses since it makes a satisfying crack against the wall.  He needs to find a new way to deal with his angst.  I recommend water colors.

Dear diary,

Damn America and all his famous cats… Grumpy cat, nyan cat… I love cats.


Submitted Anonymously.


Alfred F. Jones would totally skip out on meetings in the white house to go hang out with the middle schoolers and high schoolers who are touring Washing D.C.