Dear diary,

Damn America and all his famous cats… Grumpy cat, nyan cat… I love cats.


Submitted Anonymously.


Alfred F. Jones would totally skip out on meetings in the white house to go hang out with the middle schoolers and high schoolers who are touring Washing D.C.

Dear diary,

America forgot about our plans again. I mean, the first four times were ok-ish because he had legitimate reasons! But this time he just told me he just forgot! I called to remind him an hour before I left to the cinema! I love that git but I don’t know how this will work if this keeps on… I think I need a cig this is just too much to handle right now.


Submitted Anonymously.

Dear diary,

Remind me to go into Prussia’s room at three in the morning and light the picture he had Japan draw of me on fire. And also to hit him where the sun doesn’t shine multiple times with my frying pan. Thank you!


Submitted by: izthezombie

Anonymous whispered:
hey just wanted to say thank you for still being active in this blog, since a lot of hetalia blogs are either inactive or deactivated, i hope this blog can still run for a long time and really thanks a lot♥

yeah no prob!! i’m sorry for not being on as consistently as i was in the past due to my work, but i do try to update whenever i have the chance!! 

and i totally feel that there are so many dead blogs it’s so upsetting :///