So I’ve been getting into Bioshock lately so I figured. Man it’s not like i have enough AUs already let’s make another one. Hell yeah. Also I drew England’s legs too long but oh well you never see Booker’s legs anyways


Alfred F. Jones, in fact, owns a gun

Alfred F. Jones, as it happens, is a man of cheap lightsaber toys

Alfred F. Jones is the also the proud owner of many white and red clothes

Alfred F. Jones sometimes forgets to separate clothes when doing laundry

Alfred F. Jones, proud owner of many pink clothes, is not a very smart man

Dear diary,

I know I am not a hero. Just saying I am a hero makes me feel better about myself since almost everyone doesn’t like me. 


Submitted by: neoncat666


If no one has noticed yet, I have a thing for editing America onto Stephen Colbert.