Of course.

(( Apparently, the countries Swiss people like to joke about the most/have the most jokes about are Austria and Belgium. They portray both Austrians and Belgians as dumb, foolish people. Of course, these are jokes that are not really meant to be racist, but more of a friendly rivalry. ))


at first when i saw this i was like, wait, why doesn’t austriacat have markings for glasses like americat does, and then i remembered: austria’s glasses are fake. they’re fucking fake and his fucking cat gives it all away, game over asshole


So Germany took a selfie of Italy, Romano, Spain, and Japan and Austria in the background saw he got in the shot so he covered up his face with a paper, what a dork. 

Dear diary,

From all the head pieces, bows and such, that the countries have given me, I will always wear the flower that Austria gave me.


Submitted Anonymously.