Dear diary,

I remember when I first learned to bake Danishes. It was was the same day Norge asked me to learn how to make butter cookies. It still makes me smile.


Submitted by: allamericanpotato

Dear diary,

Recently Denmark has been blasting rap songs like “gas pedal” and “wobble”. It’s getting kinda annoying since when we ask him to turn it down or get headphones he shouts “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT.” I think he’s been around America and Prussia to much…


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mY FAVOURITE PICTURE OF APH JAPAN is the one where hes standing with den and ned and cameroon and he looks so small compared to all of them his arms are small twigs and his shoulders are tiny compared to the other three of them and hes standing here with his hands protecting his junk . where is that picture

i gotchu




Headcanon that APH Denmark (and probably Sealand) would totally have these in his bathroom