Dear diary,

I don’t understand this weird thing everyone keeps talking about. How is that big mansion over there scary? Germany said it is just an empty house and kitty kitty just ran inside. I will go get him and bring him back to Germany’s house; no big deal!

-Your ever handsome and cuddly friend, Italy!

PS: The house looks scarier up closer.

Submitted by: enchantedluck


The Italies are precious babies and must be protected at all costs.


Dear diary, 

After going through endless time loops and watching my friends die again and again, I’ve realized something. I really miss the fighting. Not the wars, of course, but I miss the  silly arguments everyone would get into. But most of all, I miss fighting with Germany about training and being too cowardly and everything. I’d run a thousand laps if I could get those stupid arguments back.


Submitted Anonymously.