"do you... maybe want to go to dinner tonight?"
"okay, yeah! sounds good to me!"


I just felt like this belonged on my tumblr as well, obviously my best art in a long time 


idk if anyone has done this before. It’s just too funny to pass up XDD

Dear diary,

Uwah, I’m getting kind of old. I think that wars age me lots! Maybe one day all of us countries could go to the beach and swim and relax and we could eat pasta and pizza and we wouldn’t fight each other! That sounds nice.


Submitted by: animekatieyaoilover21

Dear diary,

Veneziano and I spent the day at the beach. We didn’t do much of anything. Just say under the sun and enjoyed each other’s company. I wish I could spend more time with my brother like this instead of fighting with him.


Submitted Anonymously.