I’m going on a sleepover tomorrow.

So no entries until Sunday, probably. Sorry, people~ 

Thank You.

Seriously guys, thank you for all of the support. I got over 65 messages of nice people just… complimenting me, worrying about me, etc. It’s the people like you that make me truly love this fandom, and tumblr. 

For those of you freaking out, calm down. I’m not planning on hurting myself or killing myself. That would be stupid and weak and it would make me a walking oxymoron. I want you all to know that I am safe and completely fine. I’m just a little down. 

Life’s been rather tough recently. I can’t say why, because I’ll get in trouble, but it has. The hate I got really… just crossed the line. Tumblr is a place I go to for escape. This blog is something I created for the purpose of take my mind off of the strife of real life. You see, I’m honestly pretty used to treatment like the anon hate I got. I didn’t get called as many… vulgar terms, but I have become incredibly used to getting my mind toyed with and being told I’m stupid for my thoughts and annoying for admitting my feelings. I’m used to being threatened and scared.

However, this is the first time I’ve felt threatened and scared on Tumblr. Usually, I am treated kindly here, which I really appreciate. I mean, good god, I have over 2,000 followers! I honestly love all of you for putting up with my bad puns, my stupid entries (fandom secret, many of the anon diary entries are from me ^^”), my random absences and for, of course, finding this blog interesting. However, after what I just got… I just want a little break. And by little, I mean little. I don’t plan on leaving for good. I don’t plan on deleting this blog. That would break my heart! ;A; I mean, I seriously love you guys! But I just need a little time to relax, wind down, and cheer up. I was going to take a break anyways, cause I’m going on vacation soon. However I can’t say when because I’m afraid that some of the people that hold hatred against me, some who I know personally, might try to… I dunno, vandalize my house while I’m gone. Someone already vandalized my mom’s car, and I still have no idea who. 

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you all for being so kind and supportive during these tough times. I’m taking a little time off, but I promise I am not abandoning this blog. I just need a little time off. Thank you for all of the love and kindess that you have shown. I love all of you. This isn’t goodbye.

Thanks again. Sincerely, 

Hetalia diaries.